Apr 9

QLT Gaseous & Liquid Connecting Components Division 不指定

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QLT Gaseous & Liquid Connecting Components Division

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    We have produced experience for more than 30 years in the plastic field, good at the plastics to connect specially, industry connects/coupler, connect/coupler multi-functionally, pneumatic to connect/coupler, connect/coupler fast,water cycle/hydrologic cycle coupler, Liquid Cooling/water cooling coupler, waterstop coupler and other medical treatment improve looks and spend connecting!

Can depend on customer's different specifications demand, develop various kinds of plastics to connect together!

Implement the plastics and connect and replace metal to connect progressively actively.

多功能快速接頭          Quick Couplings & Mold Plug

風用氣壓PU連接管          Air Quick Couplings

醫療保健用接頭          Medical Couplings  Plug

美容用品用接頭          Beauty Products Couplings  Plug

水循環接頭          water cycle/hydrologic cycle Couplings

水冷接頭          Liquid Cooling/water cooling Couplings

內止水接頭          Waterstop Couplings